Become a Cadet

Who is Camp Cadet for?

If you’re a youth between the ages of 12 and 15, Troop D Camp Cadet is the perfect opportunity for you to experience a taste of the Pennsylvania State Police Academy training.

Troop D Camp Cadet is for youths who are interested in a challenge and building a strong moral character or who have an interest in law enforcement or military careers.

Youths of good character and who reside in Butler, Beaver, Mercer, and Lawrence Counties can apply. Applicants must be in sound physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

Do you have what it takes? 

It takes grit, determination, and a sense of teamwork. We will show you how to find it in yourself. It’s a lot of fun too with competitions, police and first responder demonstrations, and activities.

You will embark on a life changing experience through discipline and regimentation, realizing that everything in life is possible. There are fun activities and police demonstrations as well. The 5-day camp will give you a better understanding of daily life as a police officer.

You will be challenged mentally and physically on your way to achieving success while gaining unwavering self-confidence and determination.

Strong bonds will be built between you and your classmates and your law enforcement leaders as you endure the challenges, have fun, and achieve success as a team relying on one another.

Troop D Camp Cadet

Experience a week of challenges, fun, and lasting relationships.

Physical fitness

Improve your physical fitness through exercise and team challenges.

Moral character and leadership

Learn the values of teamwork, integrity, and leadership through various activities.

Fun and games

Enjoy a week of exciting games and activities while building friendships.

For parents

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History of Camp Cadet

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