Do you believe America’s young generation could benefit from training of discipline and respect while building a strong relationship with law enforcement?

Through our supporters, we deliver it.  Our Cadets are the proof with a level of self-discipline, confidence, and respect surpassing many adults.

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Troop D Camp Cadet
P.O. Box 1514
Butler, PA 16003

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Troop D Camp Cadet

Troop D Camp Cadet is a non-profit organization that exists through the generous donations of private individuals and businesses who selflessly give to support our programs and the youth for which they serve.

In appreciation to all of our supporters we are dedicated to working tirelessly to provide programs that positively impact the youth in significant and long-term ways.  Through our efforts we strive to instill self-discipline, self-confidence, and respect for self, others, and country in each and every cadet.  Our results are young moral leaders who impact society in a beneficial role.

Please donate to help ensure the future of our programs allowing us to build many more citizens of good character.  Thank you.

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Feel free to contact us by phone:
Trooper Bertha Cazy 724-284-8100