Troop D Camp Cadet offers a unique opportunity for youths to build moral characters and develop strong leadership traits.  The foundation of the program is discipline and regimentation as we recognize the importance of these factors and their benefit to an individual and society.  The goal of Troop D Camp Cadet is to introduce participants to the diverse criminal justice system and establish a positive relationship with law enforcement personnel.  Camp Cadet is structured similar to training at the police academy. Cadets are required to participate in all scheduled events and quitting the camp is not an option. The camp focuses on discipline, self-esteem, teamwork, drug and alcohol education, violence prevention and many other issues facing today’s youth.


How will Troop D Camp Cadet benefit your child?

Troop D Camp Cadet is conducted in an atmosphere of discipline and regimentation.  Your child will learn how to apply these standards to his or her life.  They will also learn or build upon their existing self-discipline, respect, self-respect, patriotism, honor, teamwork, leadership, and other character traits which are essential for life success.  It is our goal to provide all cadets with the tools to develop them into the most honorable citizens with the ability to lead others while building a strong relationship with law enforcement officers.

How much does it cost?

Families are charged only a $25.00 registration fee / child due at the time of application.  If a family cannot afford the registration fee, they may contact us for a possible alternative.  Alternative cases must remain limited; so, please only make sincere requests in dire cases.  All funding is graciously supplied by individuals and business donors.


Safety is our primary concern.  All activities are supervised by adults.  Almost all counsellors are law enforcement personnel and a network of older youths serving in “jr. counselor” capacities aid the senior staff.  All adult staff members are cleared through PA State Police criminal history checks as well as have Child Abuse Clearance certificates.