For Parents

Discover the Benefits of Troop D Camp Cadet

Unparalleled Character Development

Troop D Camp Cadet offers a unique opportunity for youths to build moral characters and develop strong leadership traits.

The goal of Troop D Camp Cadet is to introduce participants to the diverse criminal justice system and establish a positive relationship with law enforcement personnel.

A Strong Foundation for Success

Our program focuses on instilling self-discipline, respect, self-respect, patriotism, honor, teamwork, leadership, and other essential characteristics for success in life.

Excelling in discipline and regimentation

Troop D Camp Cadet is dedicated to instilling discipline and regimentation in each and every one of our cadets.

Camp Cadet is structured similar to training at the police academy. Cadets are required to participate in all scheduled events and quitting the camp is not an option. The camp focuses on discipline, self-esteem, teamwork, drug and alcohol education, violence prevention and many other issues facing today’s youth.

Learn Important Life Skills

In an atmosphere of discipline and regimentation.

Teamwork and Leadership

Through team-oriented activities, cadets will learn the value of working together and how to effectively lead a group.

Discipline and Self-Respect

With a structured schedule and guidance from law enforcement officers, cadets will develop discipline and self-respect.

Honor and Patriotism

Through lessons on the importance of honor and patriotism, cadets will learn how to be proud and respectful citizens.

Life Skills Development

Cadets will learn important life skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and effective communication.


Through self-reflection and mentorship from law enforcement officers, cadets will improve themselves academically and personally.

Future Success

With the skills and traits learned at Camp Cadet, cadets will be set up for success in any future endeavors.

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