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Troop D Camp Cadet:

In 1970, Camp Cadet was established in Butler County, Pennsylvania to offer local youth a valuable program aimed at improving relationships and addressing misunderstandings between young people and law enforcement. This initiative was brought to life by Retired Trooper Albert R. Vish, along with retired Troopers John Prandy (deceased) and Robert Price. Through the dedication of numerous first responders, businesses, and community members, thousands of young individuals have had the opportunity to participate in this program and develop a positive view of the law enforcement profession.

Discover the Growth and Expansion

Today, there are 26 Camp Cadet programs across Pennsylvania, with Troop D Camp Cadet being the original program.

Develop Personal Growth

The goal is for cadets to develop personal satisfaction and acquire important character and leadership qualities by facing challenges and receiving instruction in a disciplined camp environment. The current aim is to cultivate ethical leaders and enhance character through self-discipline, respect for oneself and others, patriotism, and integrity.

Explore the Unique Opportunity

While Camp Cadet is not designed as a recruitment platform for law enforcement or the military, it offers valuable exposure to young individuals considering such career paths. For some, it may even ignite a passion to pursue a career similar to those of law enforcement personnel who have had a positive impact on their lives.

Troop D Camp Cadet

How is Troop D Camp Cadet Possible?


Thanks to the dedication of numerous volunteers and law enforcement officials, Camp Cadet remains a rewarding experience for everyone involved.


The existence of Troop D Camp Cadet relies solely on the generous contributions from individuals and businesses.

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