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Where is camp located?

Camp is held at Camp Lutherlyn in Butler County: 500 Lutherlyn Ln., Butler, PA 16001.

How much does it cost?

Families are charged only a $25.00 registration fee / child due at the time of application. If a family cannot afford the registration fee, they may contact us for a possible alternative. Alternative cases must remain limited; so, please only make sincere requests in dire cases. All funding is graciously supplied by individuals and business donors.

What can my Cadet bring to camp?

After being accepted into Camp, cadets will receive a Packing Checklist detailing the items they need to bring and the quantities required. If there are any difficulties in obtaining any items on the list, please feel free to contact us..

What can't my Cadet bring to camp?
  1. Electronic devices (including but not limited to cellphones, laptops, tablets, iPods, radios)
  2. Money
  3. Jewelry (except medical alert)
  4. Watches
  5. Tobacco products / vapes
  6. Food
  7. Weapons
  8. Alcohol/Drugs
  9. Etc…
Can my Cadet bring medication?

All medications must be listed on the Butler County Camp Cadet Medication Form/Permission Slip, which is found under in the Release Packet in the Application tab. The medications with instructions in original and labeled package shall be placed in a zip-lock bag, clearly labeled with the cadet’s name, and given to the nursing staff upon arrival at Camp Cadet. Cadets are not permitted to carry their medications on their person, except for prescribed inhalers.

What if my Cadet has food allergies?

All food allergies must be listed on the Butler County Camp Cadet Physicians Evaluation Form, which is found under in the Release Packet in the Application tab. On this form you will document any food allergies, religious restrictions, or other health-related needs. Special meals will be provided to accommodate the cadet’s specific requirements.

Can I visit my cadet?

Parents/Guardians are required to drop off and pick up the cadet. You will only have the opportunity to see your cadet(s) during the arrival and departure times of the camp. Please note that the camp experience involves a week away from family, friends, and technology, and visitors entering the camp grounds will be escorted out.

How can I contact my Cadet?

In case of an emergency, all camp participants’ information is on file within the campgrounds. If an incident occurs, you will receive a phone call from us. Prior to the camp’s commencement, you will be provided with contact details for family emergencies; please use this number strictly for emergency situations.

Is my Cadet safe?

Safety is our primary concern. All activities are supervised by adults. Almost all counselors are law enforcement personnel and a network of older youths serving in “jr. counselor” capacities aid the senior staff. All adult staff members are cleared through PA State Police criminal history checks as well as have Child Abuse Clearance certificates.

What kinds of activities will my Cadet endure?
  1. Ropes course to include climbing and zip line
  2. Daily Physical Training Instruction (0-3-mile run, push-ups, sit-ups, calisthenics, jumping jacks, etc.)
  3. Daily Marching Drills
  4. Swimming. No, your Cadet does need to know how to swim.
  5. 0-5 mile hike through wooded terrain
  6. Daily sporting activities (soccer, flag/touch football, basketball, dodge ball, etc.)
  7. Other physical activities that require running, crawling, jumping, throwing, climbing, carrying, bending, twisting,
    pushing, pulling, etc